Kelly the Culinarian: Post-Race Victory Party: An Ice Cream Social

Monday, July 25, 2011

Post-Race Victory Party: An Ice Cream Social

As I mentioned in my race review of the Fitness for America 10K, I spent the last two miles of the race thinking about ice cream. I imagined what I was going to eat and with what toppings. This is what kept me going and helped me push through because I knew there were four gallons of ice cream chilled in my freezer!
I decided a couple of weeks ago that I would have a few people over for ice cream, because after that race, I was going to eat what I want. I don't eat like this after every long run, but I really pushed myself at this race, so I'm glad I had this planned in advanced.
I bought vanilla, chocolate, cookies and cream and moose tracks ice cream. I then bought a ton of toppings and chopped them up: Oreo cookies, peanuts, gummie bears, peanut butter cups, chocolate chips, M&Ms and cherries. I also kept butterscotch and chocolate topping warming in the crock pot, whipped cream and a strawberry syrup topping. I tried some frozen bananas too, but they weren't my finest moment.
Finally, I whipped up a drink station with lemonade, water, white wine and vodka ... because we like to party.
It was super delicious and a lot of fun. As for yesterday, there was a whole lot of icing and a little dog staring at me. It was glorious.

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