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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Scenes from Seattle

Yes, this post is a photo dump. No, it's not because I'm a narcissist or lazy, but instead, I wanted to document and share my trip to Seattle. It was a great city filled with friendly people and amazing food, as my weight in today would tell you. I'm super pissed that I managed to gain five pounds in a week. Seriously, who does that? It's taken me months to lose that weight, so I hope I'm not back at square one. On a lighter note (you know, back last week when I was lighter) ....

On the first day, I ate at a place called Local Color in Pike Place Market. I had a caprese panini, and it was both delicious and reasonable (I think $7.50). Don't we look adorable at the market? My coworkers and I had a great time there checking out all the stalls, trying food and eating our way from one end to the other. Hmmm, maybe that's where the poundage came from ...

While in Pike Place Market, we made an obligatory stop at the first Starbucks. Surprisingly, this was difficult to find simply because of the sheer number of Starbucks locations in Seattle. On one of my Fort2Base training runs, I saw no less than six Starbucks shops in three miles, plus a ton of other retailers. I'm not much of a coffee drinker, but I bought my husband the Pike Place Blend, which is a coffee only available at the first Starbucks.

My favorite place in the market was The Confectional, a cheesecake shop that's been featured on the Travel Channel and is cheap and tasty. They offer cheesecake truffles for $1.75 in a variety of flavors. Over the course of the trip, I tried peanut butter, white chocolate Kahlua and mochaccino. They were all awesome and featured a thick chocolate exterior. It's a good thing I don't live in Seattle.
One of the best meals we had in Seattle was at Taphouse, by far. They offer custom flights of beer for $10.95, and I went with one of their premade local brew flights. So tasty! I also had an awesome hummus plate that came with tapenade and a roasted tomato salad topped with gorgonzola. I'll be replicating that one at home. I also had a turkey club that was toasted to perfection with some delicious fries. This place also had a cute feel, great ambiance and the best service I received on my trip, hands down. Oh Seattle, how I love thee.

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Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

The Confectional is good. Their is a chopcolate tour of Seattle for you next visit that it is included on.