Kelly the Culinarian: The Food That Fuels My Long Runs

Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Food That Fuels My Long Runs

Today was my long run at seven miles. Alas, it did not go well. I couldn't get Pandora to play any music, despite trying everything I could think of. So I spent almost seven long, hot miles with just my little thoughts, which included: I should make spa appointments before Rachael's wedding, I'm starving, what should I eat after this, what should I make for dinner, what dessert should I make for my club meeting Thursday, I need to print off the attendance sheet for Thursday, I need to do laundry today to have something to wear Thursday, I AM HUNGRY NOW.

I don't usually fuel on my runs. I'm skeptical of all the GUs, sports beans, shots, chews, etc., so I've thus far just skipped it. I ate my standard banana with flax and almond butter on whole wheat for breakfast only an hour before, but was ready to run to McDonald's before I was even half way through this week's long run. This was a super long and slow run, so I passed quite a few establishments.When I headed back, I made myself an egg with two egg whites topped with salsa, along with watermelon and applesauce with cinnamon.
After showering, starting laundry and having a cup of coffee, I made myself a lunch of Fage with sliced strawberries, a little chopped walnuts and cereal. Along with that I had a peach. Not even an hour later, I was hungry again, so I decided to try a peppermint Luna bar sample that I got at yoga yesterday. It's 80 calories and 4 grams of protein, but I wasn't a fan of this flavor.Finally, for dinner I made grilled hot dogs with onions. I also added broccoli and leftovers from my mom's house: tuna casserole, baked beans and potato salad. I can tell you this, Napoleon loved the potato salad, since he took some right off my plate. Bad boy. The night ended with sweet potato chips and The Next Food Network Star. Have a wonderful Sunday evening!

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Maggie W said...

I stopped running with music sometime last year and have been loving it since. I used to religiously listen to mp3s or Pandora. But my phone is spotty at times and I think eventually I got to a point where I had to pick between my running app or Pandora. The app won because I wanted to track my time/distance/pace. So I ran without music. But I actually enjoyed it, and now I like running in silence, with my own thoughts. Even on my long runs. It's interesting where my thoughts go when I just let them go ... although often they fixate on certain song lyrics or melodies. Or what I'm going to eat later. Plus I feel like I'm surrounded by noise all day long - I listen to Pandora at work, listen to the radio in the car, often have the TV on in the background at home - sometimes it's just nice to have some silence (well, normal outdoor sounds - cars, kids, birds, dogs).