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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Drive-By Blogging

It's a busy day in my house. I met Maggie for a run tonight and we finished a 10K for the Jelly Bean virtual race in 59:42. It was a wonderful night for a run and we had a great time, plus the weather was a bit cooler than the last time we ran, so it didn't feel quite like a death march.

Since then, I came home and assembled some packets for the Fort2Base Race ambassadors. They're getting some goodies this week, and the Web site was updated with their biographies. You have to check it out - these are some impressive athletes!

Napoleon supervised the operation, ensuring that I included the correct number of inserts and affixed the labels.

I'm really looking forward to baking this weekend. Any suggestions for what I should make? I'm thinking either a dessert with garbanzo beans or some kind of bread, as it's been a long time since I made a savory bread.


Amanda - TooTallFritz said...

Napolean is adorable!! It was a great night for a run last night! Perfect weather!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the run last night! It was lovely! And the web site looks great! :)