Kelly the Culinarian: Three Things Thursday

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1. My triathlon wagon is in the shop. My parents were kind enough to lend me a car for the duration while their trusted mechanic decides what's actually necessary. The first quote I got said I needed $1,200 of assorted services; my parents' guy says $300 ... so far. Firstworldproblem: My bike does not fit very well into the back of the Saab. I have to take off the wheel and lay it on its side. I'm starting to appreciate my car a lot more.
Awww yeah ... swagger wagon
2. I'm fairly certain our local library thinks I'm super nutso. We pay a ton in taxes and don't take advantage of many public services, such as the school system, so I feel it's important to visit my library as often as possible to support their services and see my tax dollars in action. However, renting a stack of magazines, DVDs, books on tape and regular ol' books every week might make you a regular pain in their asses.
Our library is mighty fine looking
3. Anyone been to Beijing? I'm going on a work trip to Busan, Korea, this summer with a stop off in Beijing. I'm going to stay a few days and see the sites there, but I'm looking for suggestions. I know we want to go to the Forbidden CityTienanmen Square, the Great Wall and a tea house, but we're still foggy on the details.
They tell me Busan is a beach destination


Amanda - TooTallFritz said...

Love the post b/c I have been "considering" moving up in vehicle size (which I have resisted all my adult life - kids & all) b/c of Triathlon. We actually went shopping yesteray and since I owe a butt load on my car, its just not in the cards at this point; however, I totally see an SUV in my future. For now, I'll just steal hubby's suburban and hope he doesn't need it for the boat or anything else. LOL! Good luck!

KellytheCulinarian said...

I always wanted a smartcar, but now that I'm really getting into triathlon, I'm seeing that it's impractical. I can buy a bike rack to go on the back of a smartcar, but I'd be concerned about someone stealing my bike off of it. Plus, one of my coworkers told me he's sooner strap his kids to the roof of his car than his bike, so I think he's onto something there.

Kim said...

Do you read Carla's blog (Carla Runs the World - or something like that)? I think maybe she has been to Beijing. She lives overseas and travels a lot.

Laura Boll said...

Wow, Beijing would be such a great experience! We are a host family for an international student from China (he doesn't live with us, we just hang out a lot and are supposed to give him the "American family" experience). Hope you get your car back soon for minimal money. And thanks for stopping by my blog- glad to connect with you!