Kelly the Culinarian: Crisco is Healthy?

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Crisco is Healthy?

Last night, I met guest blogger Jenny for dinner. We had hot bar at Whole Foods Hinsdale with her kiddo, Elizabeth. I was the first to sign her cast!

She's recovering nicely from her ordeal and will be back to running marathons in no time at all, I'm sure.
This morning, I got up and went to a different gym than my standard place and cycled by my lonesome for 35 minutes before I got into the pool. I intended to swim for a half hour, but I forgot goggles and then started getting terrible cramps in the arches of my feet. It sucked, so I got out and took a shower. I met up with Kate, who took a new set of headshots for me (which I look forward to revealing). On Weight Watchers, I generally let myself eat what I want one day a week. That day was today. We went to OMango, where I got a samosa, a half order of chicken tikka and masala, pita and brown rice.  It was a calorie bomb and I loved it. I redeemed myself with healthy shopping.
Get a load of this awesome display I checked out at Wal-Mart. Apparently, at Wal-Mart, "Back on Track" equals baking a shit ton of full fat stuff? My favorite was the butter-flavored crisco and corn syrup display.

I whipped up some zero-point Weight Watchers soup, which I enjoyed for dinner tonight because I'm still not all that hungry after lunch. But, I'm sure I would be if I didn't eat, and it's cold, so I wanted something hot.  

Now, on to enjoy some library books, OnDemand television and a good night's rest before a run with Kim tomorrow!

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Kim said...

Happy to hear Jenny is on the mend! And so happy we got to meet up today! Thanks for suggesting it :)