Kelly the Culinarian: Post Long-Run Ritual?

Monday, February 25, 2013

Post Long-Run Ritual?

The stretch tools
A post-run treat from the running past
After my glorious long run yesterday, I skipped one of my post long-run rituals: snack time! I usually down some food immediately after finishing a run, which in the past has included rice cakes, edamame, egg whites, an apple or a protein shake. I like to switch it up.  I've noticed that if I don't eat right after running, I find myself ravenous and snacky later one.

Xaarlin's post about forgetting the basics resonated with me because I think I've gotten cocky and stopped doing the things that worked for me in the past. I was hungry before I even started, so that was a mistake that I'm still paying for today, still.

Another step I missed was stretching. What was I thinking?! I own a foam roller and I know the stretches I need to do, and yet, I skipped all of that.  During my marathon training, I also took an ice bath after most of my long runs (while eating oatmeal or my recovery drink). And after the marathon, I took a day off of work to rest and recover.

What is your post long-run ritual? Do you have a routine you follow every time?

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Xaarlin said...

Great post! I need a post run ritual. I've got the pre as during run rituals down, but sheesh I'm lost after I've stopped.

I also foam roll, use trigger point but that's the end of my ritual. I also feel like crap after all my long runs (3) in the last few weeks. I need to figure out how not to feel awful after 10+ miles because this is getting old fast!