Kelly the Culinarian: Review and Giveaway: Today's Miles Shirts

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Review and Giveaway: Today's Miles Shirts

This has been staring at me for a few weeks now.
But I just haven't been up to it until today.  I e-met the people behind Today's Miles on Twitter and have been chatting with them every since. The business offers short and long-sleeved tech Ts in myriad colors advertising how far you're running today. When I started talking to them about potentially sending me a shirt, I joked that if the shirt says it, I'll have to go that far. They assured me that the shirt will do the work.
So I suited up today and hit the streets. I had to go to a nearby ritzy suburb, so Tim and I drove there and ran around looking at mansions until we could run errands.
Let me tell you, this shirt is magic.  I wanted to quit, but I couldn't because my shirt said I was running eight miles, and come hell or high water. And eight miles I covered.
When I got back to our car, Tim was waiting for me with coffee, made exactly how I usually order it. I love that man so much.
I wore the long-sleeved eight mile shirt in blue, but you can win your choice of shirt in this awesome giveaway!
To win, go to the Web site for Today's Miles and leave a comment about what shirt you would order if you win.
This contest closes at 6 p.m. Wednesday. I'll use to pick a winner and announce it that evening. The winner has 24 hours to claim their prize, so stay tuned!

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