Kelly the Culinarian: Guest Post: Kate's Time Saving Technique You Can’t Ignore

Friday, February 1, 2013

Guest Post: Kate's Time Saving Technique You Can’t Ignore

Hi friends! My friend and photographer, Kate, has agreed to share some secrets. She started investing time in the freezer to crock pot cooking method, which all of our friends have enjoyed reading about on Facebook. Now, she gathers her tips and recipes together for an occasional series.

So tell me if this sounds like you on most days:
*Responsible for feeding others
*Trying not to toss your money out the window
*Interested in remedying any or all of the above

All of them? Me too!

Well listen – I think I found something that can help you out. Ready for it?

Freezer/crockpot cooking.

Yes, my friends, that old pot-luck standby can be your saving grace on busy weekdays (or race days!). It took me quite a while to find some good resources (there are shockingly few comprehensive guides out there! And when I say few, I mean, like, I’ve heard they’re out there, but I haven’t actually seen them. Usable and complete Freezer/Crockpot Cooking Guides are like the Loch Ness Monster.
So here’s what I’ll do.

I found a blog that listed a bunch of recipes, including a link to a shopping list for those recipes.

I’ll actually try that shopping list and the recipes in a real-world situation – and I’m going to tell you the real-deal scoop of what happens, including the mistakes I learned from and a star-rating for each recipe.

Now, my situation may look different from yours (I operate with 2 young children hanging off of me most of the time) but surely you’ll be able to relate to knowledge-dropping I’ll be dolling out.

Who’s hungry?

Next – Shopping for 40 Freezer Meals at Once (prepping and then eating the very first freezer/crockpot meal!)

Kate Appelman is a family and child photographer working on utopia-izing her home and little family. Besides photography, Kate spends her days facilitating toddler demands, trying to fit in workouts at CrossFit and strategizing 
her Pinterest to-do list.

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