Kelly the Culinarian: Review: Handful bra

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Review: Handful bra

Every now and then, I win an awesome contest and get super excited about it. Last month, I won a Handful bra through the ZOOMA ladies race series (remember that awesome blogger getaway I organized last fall for this half marathon?).

Napoleon really wanted to show off his shoulders on the Interwebs, too
When Tricia sent me an e-mail informing me that I won, I was excited to get shopping on the Web site. I expected the bra to be similar to this bra I bought when I was in Korea based on the photos. Since I'm not going back to Korea anytime soon, I hoped this would be a suitable substitute.

This one is even better. Full disclosure: I'm not particularly well-endowed, so heavy duty support isn't a priority. I frequently purchase cheapo bras and do just fine with it.
But this is a step up from my typical $15 model. The bra I chose was the small adjustable handful bra in purple, naturally. I learned via Twitter that the company fondly refers to this color as "Purple Mountains Majesty." So clever. This particular model is $44, which is quite a bit more than I would normally spend on a bra. The original bra is $42 and the tank is $48.

The bra arrives in a mesh bag, which the instructions recommend that you wash it in. Smart.  It has removable pads and the lining is interesting in that it's kind of like a tech shirt. It's soft and breathable, which will be nice during the summer.  I found it to be quite supportive as well as flattering, which is a tough combo to find. I've been wearing it to bum around the house and to work out in, so I know it's versatile, too.

Disclosure: I got my bra free from a contest, but no one asked me to review it. Just thought you'd enjoy a product I'm really fond of. And I guess I really want to take more Sports Bra Challenge-inspired selfies.


Anonymous said...

Great color on you! Thanks for the review:)

KellytheCulinarian said...

Thanks! Purple is my favorite color, but I think I'll be purchasing a white bra from Handful next.