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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Training Tuesday: What to Wear to CrossFit

Crazy pants are perfect
I go to CrossFit Rise twice a week now for a morning workout (called the WOD). I attend the CrossFit Endurance workouts, which uses uses mostly body weight and intense movement to increase athletic performance while strengthening your body to prepare for the abuse of racing. I got a few questions about what the heck to wear to these classes since every workout is different and dynamic.

Most CrossFit gyms will post the workout on their Web site the night before or morning of the WOD. This can help you choose what to wear.  Here are a few recommendations:

  • Wear tight-fitting, athletic apparel. The coaches will watch you do the WOD and offer advice for better form and ease of movement. Plus, you don't want to get a barbell caught on your top.

  • Dress for the weather. Most CrossFit gyms (called a Box) are converted warehouses or other lofty spaces. They will be heated and cooled, but are usually drafty. Also, the WOD might require an outdoor sprint or a jogging lap to warm up. During the summer, consider shorts and a tank. During the winter, I layer up, because chances are I'll be sweating by the time the warm up is done.
    Shirt from the Wheaton 5K
  • Cover your shins. If you know box jumps or double unders (or in my case, DU attempts) are part of the workout, wear knee socks or pants. It won't completely protect your shins from bruising, but it can help prevent you from looking like you were in a car accident when you don't completely clear the box.

  • Consider your footwear. Most CrossFit workouts incorporate some type of Olympic weight lifting. To get the most power, you need to have a stable base, which starts with your feet. You might want to leave the heavily supported running shoes at home and opt for minimalist, zero-drop shoes. 

  • Sports bras, yo. Wear 'em. There's a lot of jumping around in CrossFit.

  • Don't get fancy. There's a ton of CrossFit clothing out there, none of which I own. Even if you don't exercise, chances are you already own something that will work for your first WOD.

What do you wear to CrossFit?

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KovasP said...

i wear a lot of my running clothes, which work just fine and I agree, more minimalist shoes help.