Kelly the Culinarian: Meet My New Baking Buddy

Monday, February 11, 2013

Meet My New Baking Buddy

Elizabeth! She's guest blogger Jenny's oldest and she's the coolest teenager I know. She invited me over to get out baking on yesterday. Turns out that Jenny does not like baking. Maybe it's the milliliter to cups and Tablespoon conversion? Or perhaps it's just because I won't make the Brit crumpets.
Jenny helped by "cleaning" the utensils

Anyhoo, Lizza and I set out to make nutella cupcakes. It was a super easy and kid-friendly recipe. We did go on a little trip to Target, which was super fun (sample day!).

Elizabeth and I made a double batch of these babies, which was really easy. She mixed it all together and dished out the 22 cupcakes, and then we decorated them together. I had some clearance icing that we topped these with and decorated with colored sugar and sprinkles. That was the fun part!

Each cupcake was a little different, but they were all tasty. The cupcake itself was dense and chocolately.  Whoever doesn't love nutella has no idea what they're missing.  This is what angels eat.

Super Easy Nutella Cupcake Recipe
4 eggs
2 cups nutella
20 Tablespoons all purpose flour

Elizabeth preheated to oven to 350 and lined two cupcake tins with zebra print cupcake liners. Totally optional, but super cute.

She whisked together the eggs, then added the nutella and flour and stirred until incorporated. I gave her one of those 1 Tablespoon scoops and she portioned out 2 Tablespoons per cupcake. We baked these for 22 minutes, allowed them to cool and then decorated them with icing. These easily could be left naked, topped with ganache or even garnished with more nutella.  Because nutella is love in a jar.


Erin said...

I made those Nutella cupcakes and they were really, really tiny! Like, two bites tiny. What size did yours turn out to be?

KellytheCulinarian said...

We doubled the recipe and it was enough to make 22 cupcakes. There was two Tablespoons of batter in each, and they were regular-sized cupcakes.