Kelly the Culinarian: Three Things Thursday

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Three Things Thursday

1. Remember when I was in San Francisco Tim and I went out for toast at The Mill? Fancy toast is now a thing. This article starts with my "meh" attitude on this artisan food trend and gets to the source of this movement while also acknowledging that it's a bit ridiculous.
Josey Baker Bread
2. I'm easing back into two-a-day training sessions to get mentally in the game for Ironman Wisconsin. Somehow, I forgot exactly how much coordination this requires. I had my pre-work session at CrossFit Rise, then commuted, had meetings all day and left for my second session, a tempo run at the gym. So. Much. Stuff. Two pairs of shoes, three outfits, my purse, my meals, my gym bag. It's a good thing I have an SUV. Also, can I outsource laundry?
So much laundry
3. Through my partnership with the lovely ladies behind Esprit de She, I got hooked up with this lotion from Amlactin. I am already obsessed. Remember how I tore a callous at CrossFit last week? Dry skin contributes to rips, so I've been more diligent about moisturizing. This lotion must be loaded with magic and pixie dust because even though it's super thick and creamy, it absorbs quickly enough that I can use it at my computer and keep typing. I think this will be my solution to winter skin, as I not-so-affectionately call it.


Losing Lindy said...

I am pretty sure you can out source laundry, but I am sure it is expensive. I might do laundry for you for some of your cooking ;)

Unknown said...

I have a friend from high school whose family's dryer broke and his parents never replaced it. Instead they just continue to drop off their laundry at the laundromat and pay by the pound to have it washed, dried and folded. So, yeah, it's a thing.

Maggie W said...

We've talked about using a drop-off laundry service - we only have one washer & dryer each in our basement. Sharing with our neighbors isn't the issue, but the coin thingies always jam - which sucks when you move your wet clothes into the dryer and then you can't dry them because the coin thing is jammed. But drop off services can be expensive so we might see how long we survive going to a laundromat.

Next apartment will definitely have in-unit laundry ....