Kelly the Culinarian: Training Tuesday: Thoughts from the Big Girl Panties Weekend

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Training Tuesday: Thoughts from the Big Girl Panties Weekend

Thanks for the photo, Jenny!
Phew, it's been a crazy couple of days.  During my Put on Your Big Girl Panties Weekend, I ran a half marathon, then completed a 61-mile ride the next day.  In between traveling 74.1 miles on my feet and via bike, I went through an entire tank of gas and spent enough time in my car that getting rid of my car just because the radio doesn't work is a completely sane proposal. I drove two hours to Wisconsin, one to my parent's house, 30 minutes to the start of the Venus de Miles ride and then another hour home.

I was sore when I finished the Heatbreaker Indoor Half, especially in my left hip flexor, presumably from turning left 98 times during the race.  I felt better the next day, then felt a bit of burning in my quads during the ride. After resting yesterday, I feel back to normal today. I would go out and run my scheduled five miles, but my stomach hurts.
Photo from Bob Miller. He's really handy with a camera.
Here are a few thoughts from this weekend:

  • I need a car radio that works, stat.
  • Gas station coffee is just as nasty as it sounds. Stick with McDonald's if all else fails.
  • Just because I burned like 4,000 calories this weekend doesn't mean I can eat whatever I want.
  • Race costumes are the best idea ever. I should wear a costume to every event.
  • Ice baths are great right after long runs, but Epsom salt baths are the best the day after.
  • I really thought I'd be able to do the half faster, since it was flat and temperature controlled. However, it was missing adrenaline and crowd support, so I'll try not to get too down on my inability to finish by 1:55.
  • There is really no way to buy padded cycling shorts that are flattering.
  • My handlebars really need to be re-wrapped.
  • I love my Fort2Base ambassador shirt! I really might need to wrangle another one of these. It's a Brooks top that never got weighed down or rode up.

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Kim said...

Do you have another goal half after the full? Probably not ZOOMA since you are doing it with girlfriends... or maybe? :)

I don't care how my bike shorts look. I want shorts with MORE padding. MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!