Kelly the Culinarian: Three Things Thursday

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1. It has been a hot and sweaty couple of days. I went to the gym yesterday to do my seven-mile run because I waited too long to get out there and I was afraid of heat exhaustion. Still, I was incredibly hot and sweaty at the end. I might as well have been outside.

2. I'm also training for a 60-mile bike ride, the Venus de Miles on July 29. MacKenna and I set out for a 40-mile ride on Sunday. I got us lost. It ended up being an epic 54-mile ride. It was fun up until the last 10 or so miles. The good news is, we know we can do a 60-mile ride. The bad news is, my sit bones are not happy with me.

3. The heat has me wondering about my ability to complete a marathon. My 14-mile long run last week was so painfully terrible that by the end, I was just trying to get home so I could eat and shower and cry about it. I'm hoping for a better result for this week's 15-mile run. It's going to be really hot, still, but I'll get up early to try and beat the heat.


Erin said...

I have cried over many runs while marathon training. All of the tear-inducing ones were when it was hot outside. Those runs are not indicative of your fitness level. You will definitely be able to complete a marathon!

Unknown said...

In my very short time as a runner I quickly learned that there will be good and horrific runs, and I need to embrace both! Just the fact that you still completed your 14-miler should indicate that you are well on your way to completing a marathon :) best of luck!


Anonymous said...

The heat has been ridiculous! Don't worry too much about your runs right now, the heat makes everything 1,000x worse!

That bike ride sounds really cool. Is it in the Chicago area?

KellytheCulinarian said...

Yes, it's starts in Lake Forest and has a 25- and 61-mile option. It's a ladies only ride with lots of food that I plan to dig into big time.

Kim said...

That bike ride sounds so cool! I am excited a few bloggers are doing it so I get to hear all about it!

It's good to run in this heat now in case it comes marathon day, so you are ready for it! And hopefully it won't and you'll feel awesome!