Kelly the Culinarian: 2013: New Year, New Goals

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013: New Year, New Goals

I feel like thirteen is a very lucky number for me. Last year was fairly epic for me, featuring tons of milestones and trips. This year, I'm focusing on pairing down my goals to increase my likelihood of success. I'm still working towards becoming an Ironman, so here's what I'm doing this year to move closer the 140.6 finish line.
Heatbreaker Indoor Half
1. PR at the half marathon distance. I'm already signed up for the Egg Shell Shuffle at the end of March. I'd like to post a 1:50 half, which would be a six-minute PR.

2. Get comfortable with open water swimming. I've never done an open-water swim. In Illinois, there's all of four days during which I'd like to charge into a lake, but I need to woman up and get on it. There are no Ironmans that have pool swims.

At CrossFit Rise
3. Figure out an eating plan that works. I'm in a healthy weight range, but my weight swings by up to seven pounds. That's not healthy for anyone. I don't know if it's Paleo, Weight Watchers, Clean Eating or what, but I'd like to get in control of what I eat to perform better at work and in sports. I've stopped chasing a specific weight, just focusing on wellness instead. My clothes are a bit tights, so I did sign up for Run with Jess's weight loss challenge.

4. Tackle a half Ironman triathlon. I need to know if I'm fit enough to start contemplating an full Ironman. I think I'll do the Racine 70.3, but I'm not positive yet.

5. Complete an unassisted pull up. CrossFit is doing wonders for my strength, and a pull up would be the ultimate display of that. I'd be fine with a kipping or butterfly pull up, since I think a strict pull up is unattainable unless you're super tiny or super ripped.

6. Double the current page views for the blog. I'll be seeking more sponsorship and ambassador relationships to help grow my network and increase this blog's reach. If you're a business or race and are interested, e-mail me!


Run with Jess said...

Ha! I told my hubby that by the end of 2013 I want to be able to do ONE pullup. straight up. Really, is that asking too much?!

Pete B said...

Yes, pull-ups are really hard. When I was a kid they were relatively easy and now? Ouch! :-)

emmers712 said...

Sounds like a great list of goals for 2013! And I agree, pull-ups are something that I only dream of being able to do. Heck, I'd like to be able to just do five REAL push-ups with perfect form!!!

Xaarlin said...

I'm really inspired by your desire to do a 70.3 I can't wait to follow your journey to your first one- And eventually the full :)

I think you're going to have an amazing 2013!

Becca said...

Although I haven't tried CrossFit, I have a feeling you may even exceed your goal. After lifting consistently for a few years, I didn't even realize I could do a pull-up until I took the P90X fitness test. In fact, I could do three. At then end of the 90 day plan, I could do eight. I can only imagine the wonders CrossFit can do if you're consistent for an entire year.

Unknown said...

Great goals! I'm rooting for that half Ironman. Do it do it do it! And why is it that pull-ups are basically impossible even though they look so easy? I'm pretty sure the last pull-up I did was back in junior high :/