Kelly the Culinarian: Three Things Thursday

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Three Things Thursday

This is going to be quick, I have a big night tonight!

1. Tonight, I'm meeting with running friends Bob and Diane. I met them at the Heatbreaker Indoor Half. They are an amazing couple - after catching the racing bug later in life, they've gone on to run tons of races and distances. I'm going to be on their Wall of Fame because of my ad for Venus de Miles.
2. My favorite gym in the area, HealthTrack, is on AmazonLocal right now. For $39, you can score a month-long membership and massage.  It's worth it for the massage alone, which was my best massage ever.  And that gym is amazing.
3. I have a very cool weekend ahead.  I won't spill the beans quite yet, but here's a hint: I might need a beret and I will be using all my Weight Watchers points.
I could rock this look

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