Kelly the Culinarian: 2013 Project: Get organized

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 Project: Get organized

I didn't mention this in my 2013 goals is getting organized, simply because it's an ambiguous goal and one that's ongoing rather than an item I can check off of a list. My mom mentioned that she scrubbed her house new year's eve to start the year with a clean slate. That got my thinking about our own home.

We made some improvements in our house in the past year, plus we've been here four years. It's pretty easy to accumulate a lot of stuff over a few years if you have several hobbies and a busy schedule.

I started working on this earlier in the week by heading to Menards and buying some plastic tubs to store stuff in. I started getting rid of things in our kitchen, wiping out the cabinets and organizing what was left. I got rid of all the food storage containers that are missing lids. Mismatched glasses and unused gadgets will find a new home. I also threw out expired and unused spices, which I really need to do more often.

I'm about halfway through the kitchen organizing.  After that, I'll move onto to organize (in order):

  • My desk in the office
  • Napoleon's toy box
  • Living room closet
  • Garage (biggest, scariest job of all)
Do you have a cleaning/organizing schedule?


Anonymous said...

I feel like this is a constant quest, although I haven't quite tackled it with the same level of dedication. Perhaps I should pick a single area of focus, and work on that one rather than flitting from room to room!

Kim said...

I love having a clean and organized kitchen. Since that is the first room most people enter in our house, it makes me feel more at ease if it is somewhat organized! Unfortunately, that is also where stuff goes on the counters and packages tned to live until they find their home!

Alissa said...

This is something I'm working on, too. In fact, I started re-organizing my bedroom yesterday and found two rolls of 35mm film. I haven't had a film camera in a decade. This should be interesting.