Kelly the Culinarian: Three Things Thursday

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1. My car continues to annoy, perplex and anger me. Earlier this week, I replaced a headlight, then the radio stopped working. If I have to listen to the top 40s forever, this car is as good as gone. Kidding ... sort of. Tonight at my mom's house, the car wouldn't start. When it did, nothing on the dashboard worked, including the speedometer.

2. I continue to hit it at the gym every morning. This week, I've done two spin classes, one core class and swam laps twice. Tomorrow I'll be enjoying another spin class, since I ate White Castle yesterday, dinner with Kate last night and Mexican food with my mom today. Oh, yeah, I have a Taco Bell date for lunch tomorrow, too. I know what one looks like is at least 70 percent diet, so this was not my week.

3. Time to get real about triathlon training: swimming is so much harder than I thought. I don't know why I assumed I would take to it so easily, but it is far from second nature. I have more of the speed and endurance of a manatee rather than a shark. Worse yet, since the Tower Tri is an indoor swim, I need to master the flip turn. I have yet to complete a flip turn without taking on water in my crappy goggles or swallowing half the pool. That is, if I make contact with the wall at all. Feel free to say "I told you so," or chip in your advice.
This is what I look like swimming


Erin said...

Sounds like your car has some electrical issue. Battery or alternator, maybe?

I KNOW I'm no good at swimming. Which means I know I'm going to have to figure out how before I even attempt a triathlon. Have you taken any classes yet?

KellytheCulinarian said...

I haven't gotten to the swim lessons yet, but it's becoming more and more apparent that I need them. I got my ass handed to me by a 12 year old taking swim lessons the first time I hit the water, so that's pretty pathetic.

And if it is electrical, which I'm fearing it is, my car might be beyond saving. I already "need" a $1,200 suspension job, which I wasn't going to follow through on because it's not a safety issue.